Adrian Lamo (adapt) wrote,
Adrian Lamo

There and back again

Well, this is another fine mess I've gotten myself into.

Hello again, LJ people.

I'd been pointing to my Tumblr account, which suffered an unfortunate accident, and not really being that motivated to fix it in a timely way, I'm pointing that subdomain here now.

I realize most of my old acquaintances have probably misplaced or put away their accounts in the intervening years. But, I trust that a  few here and there have survived (as things do), and that I can perhaps entertain the occasional Wikipedia visitor with content that's largely repurposed from other social media properties.

Speaking of which, I am more active at:

My Twitter account.
My 'verified' public Faceook page.

... but still hope to provide worthwhile original content and comments  here as time permits.

Thanks for reading. <3 

Tags: adrian lamo, funny story, tumblr, unfortunate accidents
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